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Congratulations on arriving at the most convenient and most trustworthy architectural service provider in India. We provide you with the best design of house front elevation , best design of house plan , structural designs.

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Who We Are
We are the Nimble Design Studios, an ecommerce store for architectural services. We at provide you with Modern House Elevation Design from best design of house front elevation to floor house plan design. We do it all at the most reasonable price in the market.
Our company nimble design studios Pvt Ltd is one of the best design of house architectural service providers online . Our company is fairly new but very efficient in fulfilling our customers needs from front elevation of home to modern house plan. We do it all. Our main aim is to fulfill our customers’ needs because we know the feeling when your dream of building your dream house which you want to be the best design of house is taking shape and we don’t want your experience to be ruined, that’s why we have kept our process very simple and pleasant.
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Designing it with Purpose
Everything in this world is designed to solve a purpose. If not, it is just something created without meeting the needs which only means it is useless. whatever we design in nimble design studios ” we design it with purpose ” . whether it is double floor normal house front elevation designs or beautiful modern houses design . We always help our clients to solve their intended   Purpose , which can sometimes vary, some want it as a normal house front elevation design for rental purposes , and some want it to be their dream house on a budget, our sole purpose is to fulfill our clients desire and purpose.
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We firmly believe in providing value for money to our clients.

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We value our customers  eagerness. We deliver on time every time. 

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We know that Satisfied customer is the best source of advertisement.

I am a individual home owner was looking for house plans and needed a home elevation design single floor . I was a little suspicious while selecting nimble design studios and know I think that I have taken the right decision.
Nimble design studios Testimony
Mukesh sharma
individual home owner
I Simply needed a house plan for 1000 square feet Area, I wanted a low budget front elevation of home design with a house plan and structural design . I found this website on google search. i really liked the job nimble studios did.
testimony for nimble design studios
payal sharma
home owner
I am a small time builder I usually need beautiful house elevation designs , first floor house plan design , kerala house plans, 3d Floor plans. i must say i am pretty much satisfied with nimble design studios.
Nimble design studios Testimony
M.K Reddy
small time builder
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Design it simple
Wonderful things happen when you design it simple
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floor house plan design

Floor house plan design

We provide you with the best design of house floor plan with dimensions For you to just get started on your journey of building your house that you always desired after which you can move on to beautiful modern houses design . We provide you with the first floor design of house plan Starting From 1000Sft ( 111 Square Yards ) to 5000Sft( 555.6 Square Yards ) .

complete house plan Gif 10 Mistakes to Avoid When building and the cost for constructing a house
Complete House Plan

By opting for Complete best design of house Plan you get the simple housing design elevation of a single floor plan with Electrical Plans | plumbing Plans | Center Line Drawing  | Complete Floor Plan With Schedules for elements for windows and doors which will be helpful for the good appearance of the whole building that is your best in class home elevation design single floor with the rest of other needs . We provide floor plans for residential floor plans , commercial floor plans and residential cum commercial with this you can proceed for your Modern House Elevation Design . all the plans are as per Vaastu as we know how much importance we Indians give to Vaastu and building orientations.

3d floor plan
3D Floor Plans

We know the excitement and the eagerness by which you are waiting for that dream house of Modern House Elevation Design​  to be completed. Well to stop that craving you can opt for our best in class 3D floor plan , illustrated from a bird eye view to deliver architectural plans in a better way. We can use 3d floor plans for any contemporary house plan to a simple house plan.

modern house elevation design
Modern Houses Design

We value your dreams and how important for you are the aesthetics of your dream house of having a modern houses design . Our architects are keen on understanding every bit of your requirements, your aspirations and imaginations before turning your visions into dazzling looking images. We create every modern houses design based on floor plans or references provided by you. We know the constraints sometimes you have. That’s why we always design to your satisfaction whether it is a front design of a house on a small budget, modern design of front elevation of house or a Modern architecture with exclusivity .

Kerala house elevation design

modern house design kerala​ style

modern house design kerala Have become most popular style house elevation designs in recent times.  as the saying goes “old is gold” . the beauty of this Kerala Style modern house design kerala .  This style uses a large number of wooden elements. the beauty lies in the carved wooden element.  Since the cost gets a bit higher it is mostly used in farm houses. The use of clay roof tiles  is one of its main highlights.  We know the constraints sometimes you have. That’s why we always design to your satisfaction whether it is a front design of a house in a small budget or modern house design kerala style or a Modern architecture.

Structural house design Gif
House design

Get the most affordable and convenient best design of house Structural design for your house plan and also consider modern houses design . Here we provide you the Structural design for your house plan through which you can start constructing your modern houses design . We are apt and are dedicated to fulfill your desire providing you with the most affordable and convenient best design of house Structural design for your modern houses design and house plan equipped with our expertise team members.

complete house design
Complete House Design ​

We know how much effort an individual person has to take while construction of his dream house. That’s why we have a complete solution , now you can sit back and relax as far as designing part of your dream house is concerned. here we provide the complete package from Simple house plan to 3d floor plans to best design of house elevation  to structural designs ( house design ) 

best in class home elevation design single floor, beautiful house elevation designs, best first floor house plan design, front elevation of home

How It Works
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Step 1

Go to Featured categories or Shop menu from the menu bar and select the service you like to hire from the three categories ( Simple House Plan , Modern House Elevation Design , House design ).

Step 2

Now when you have selected the service you went (Ex - Modern House Elevation Design ) from the category, its time for calculating the square feet by multiplying the length and breath of the plot of the house plan depending of the service you have selected.

Step 3

After calculating the square feet you can now select the number of floors your required and select the size of the plan/plot. you add the service in your card.

Step 4

Now if you have any coupon available here is where you apply.

Step 5

Proceed to checkout.

Step 6

After filling all you requirements in the form provided , now you can go back to checkout page.

Step 7

Proceed to checkout now you need to fill your billing details and click on place order.

Step 8

After you have Proceed to checkout the payment gateway will appear. to make it more convent for you we have provided all the methods you pay through all your Upi ID or you can you from your Debit/Credit cards

Step 9

Now its time for your relaxation as we start to design you dream house as per all the requirements you have mentioned while checkout. after our architects create you simple house plan | Modern house elevation design . you will receive your order from our official website. you can now review your order and mail us with the changes, if any and we will do the needful, as we know that it is difficult to finalize the elevation or the house plan at first glance, that's why we provide you two time changes after that its chargeable.