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#1 perfect selection of the color combination for home design interior as per vastu

After your house has been built or is in the process of being built, the most exciting thing for the house owner is to think and home design interior and everyone has their own taste and it becomes a little difficult to decide where to start.

in India when constructing a house vastu is one of the prominent parameter that no one wants to miss we often look for the right dimention for the rooms , the halls etc. we also looks for the orientation of our house design but most of the time we tent to neglect the color combination of house interior walls to be as per vastu.  which plays a very important role in setting the mood of the house and the people living in it , so lets look at the house interior wall designing color combination ad per vastu

home design interior

Colors play an important role in Vastu Shastra.

As you might have done your house planning part as per vastu you might have wondered if there is anything related to selection of the colors of the interior walls that affect the vastu of your home design interior , to your surprise it does effect in a big way,

Here are the know-how about the selection of the colors as per vastu

The base of Vastu Shastra is 5 Elements. To create a balance in any building, you have to balance all the 5 elements. If 5 elements are not balanced in any building, there will be no growth in the life of its residents.

The 5 elements are – Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space.

Their sequence is also the same. Water creates Air. Air creates Fire. Fire creates Earth. Earth creates Space and Space again gets converted into Water.

Color of Air is Green and it governs Eastern direction. Color of Fire is Red and it governs South East to South direction. Color of Earth is Yellow and it governs South Western directions for home design interior .

design interior

Color of Space is White and it governs Western direction. We encounter a lot of cases in which the client says that their home, offices and factories are built as per the principles of Vastu Shastra but still they are facing problems in their life.

In all those cases, the color selection was not correct as per Vastu. Example, the North direction governs the water element. Now if you add Red color in the North direction of your home design interior, you have placed Fire Element in the direction of Water. The effect will be, the water element will extinguish the Fire element. All the directions related to the fire element will get affected and you will start getting problems related to fire directions in your life. Example, the South East direction belongs to Liquid Cash. As soon as you add Red color in the North direction, the first effect that you will get in your life is – all your money will get vanished or gone in water.

Another effect will be – North direction gives money making opportunities in life. It attracts new buyers for your products and services. When you add Red color in the North direction, Water will leave its job and start destroying fire element, and you will not get money making opportunities in life. So thats why, whenever you choose colors for your properties, do that as per 5 elements only.

house design interior

To study directions and 5 Elements, you can simply download The Journey of Vastu Shastra from Amazon Kindle on your devices. You can simply download the Kindle app on your mobile or tablets and then buy The Journey of Vastu Shastra from amazon. You will get a clear picture of 16 directions and 5 elements after reading this book and then you can simply check anti colors present in your home which are giving problems in your life. Correct those anti colors and enjoy life in a better way.

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