Have you ever wondered how many types of houses are there while you are building your dream house, well here are the common types of houses design you can build.

10 different types of houses design In India

Have you ever wondered how many types of houses are there while you are building your dream house, well here are the common types of houses design you can build.

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Every Indian dreams of having a swish and luxurious house that impeccably matches their life. India is a land of different societies, geographical and profitable manifolds. This artistic and profitable diversity is easily reflected in our houses. Indian homes merge a varied range of features, aesthetic, and architectural features that glasses the family’s social and profitable status. 

At present, there are numerous types of lodging plants in India. Some of them date back to centuries-old, others have a blend of ultramodern and ancient architectural details. Also, there are numerous contemporary houses that have been designed to meet the evolving conditions of ultramodern homebuyers. Read on then to know about the most popular types of houses in India. 

 As a land of different societies, our country is home to numerous different kinds of communities having a multifaceted life which is easily seen in their houses. Hence, houses across India differ largely in terms of their armature, make quality, accoutrements, and aesthetics. Owing to this, let’s take a quick trip through 10 of the most common types of houses in India. 

The introductory conception of sanctum has been perceived differently by different people, one that seems apparent with the different types of houses in India. You have different kinds of communities plus people with fiscal backgrounds. As an effect house plans in India are a junction of house types, near air, actuality, aesthetics, and family status also budget. 

Lets see how many types of houses are there

Here are common 5 types of houses make in india

1. Palaces

India is notorious for its heritage and artistic history. In India numerous magnificent palaces are located in different places. 

The royal families who lived formerly upon a time in India. Their lavish, luxurious cultures are alive at the moment. The utmost of these royal palaces are converted into galleries, extensions, sightseer purposes, and hospices. 

India is celebrated for its rich artistic history and heritage. The several magnificent palaces located in different corridors of the country stand as true evidence to this fact. Indeed, the breath-taking, luxurious palaces recite the stories of the extravagant, lavish and elegant cultures of the royal families who lived then formerly upon a time. Well, the period of those Maharajas and Maharanis is once, at the moment utmost of the royal palaces have been converted into luxurious galleries or hospices and made accessible to excursionists and the locals. Indeed also, this type of casing is truly Indian. 

2. Hooches

Hunt is the first house which is erected by humans. Hunt is a simple and bitsy sanctum. 

Generally, the Hunt is made of locally available and fluently available accoutrements so that it’s cheap to make. Hooches are substantially seen in pastoral areas of India. 

These are bitsy simple harbors which are substantially made of natural and locally available accoutrements. In fact, these are one of the most simple, nippy and cheap houses to make. Hooches aren’t common in big metropolises, but can only be seen in the pastoral areas of India. 

Hooches are an order of conversational armature because they’re constructed using readily available accoutrements like wood, leaves, branches, hides, fabric, bricks or slush using structure ways passed down through the generations. 

3. Bungalows

This is the poshest domestic armature that’s possessed by a single family. These types of houses comprise a low-pitched roof with large and wide frontal veranda. Also, there’s a little space in the frontal portion or vicinity for a field or theater. Traditionally, Indian bungalows are single- story, but as time progressed numerous families erected larger two- story houses to accommodate their extended families. 

Bungalows are one- story homes or lodges which incidentally were small in terms of the overall square bases and plant generally in thenon-urban corridor of India. But, these days you can spot large ultramodern bungalows prevailing which impeccably blend great armature and all ultramodern amenities and impeccably merge with the civic life. You can see these types of houses in India used substantially as a solitary family unit. The biggest advantage offered by bungalows is the area of space in and around the house, it gives enough room for a theater or indeed a perambulation. 

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4. Farms

Located far down from the megacity centres, these houses are erected in an agrarian setting. Until the 1990s, these sprawling houses were substantially possessed by functionaries. But now with an increase in coping power and mindfulness about the benefits of living in an agrarian setting, numerous middle- class people are concluding for similar parcels. They’re also in great demand as holiday homes or withdrawal houses. 


This kind of house, which serves a casing purpose in an agrarian setting. Located down from the megacity crowd, farms and holiday houses gained a lot of attention from the hi- end guests. In the once many decades, the perpendicular development of structures has also caused this choked condition in terms of peace, hence people have started to invest in lands located in remote areas. For similar developments, homeowners are solely in charge of creating all essential structures on their own. 

5. Apartment Or Flats

Generally planted in big metropolises, an apartment is a domestic unit inside a large structure. This type of casing scheme is the result of impregnated megacity spaces which creates the demand for growing vertically. These days, numerous builders are coming with the idea of planned townships which lays focus on furnishing numerous cumulative features along with a well- designed house. 

 This comprises the provision for introductory social structure installations, similar as lodges, security system, inner and out-of-door gaming spaces, and swimming pools. Unlike a house that’s possessed by the homebuyer, an apartment is bought for a term of 60 to 100 times, after which the property will be rightfully transferred to the builder. 

 An ultramodern apartment structure has a number of apartments/ apartments in it. In similar structures, each apartment is a separate room or set of apartments where numerous mates/ families can live. Presently, this is one of the most common types of accommodation used and preferred by people across the country. These are tone- possessed and controlled houses located inside multi-storied structures. These comprise different types of units like plant apartments, extension, and basement suites. 

6. Villas

Generally regarded as upper- class state homes, estates are full of style and luxury. These types of houses in India come in numerous different sizes. Yes, from king size estates to ultra large bones having a private field, theater, swimming pool and driveway, the armature and design of estates are amazing. Lately, estates have been gaining a lot of fashionability because they give a lot of space girdled by refreshing lush verdure. 

7. Condominiums

A condominium also called condo is a structure complex which contains several collectively possessed apartments with participating installations. By retaining an apartment in a condominium, a person has access to many of the common areas, like rooftops, playrooms, recreation apartments and out-of-door areas.

These areas are inversely co-owned by all other condo owners and are maintained under the cover of an association. Shared use of these installations is fairly guaranteed as part of the property and each proprietor is entitled to pay their own levies, mortgage, and conservation & form of the property. Sporadically possessors can lease condos from the possessors and sell it singly just like any other particular property. 

8. Penthouses

Extensions are the topmost bottom units in amulti-storeyed apartment structure, these are different from other apartments by luxury features and rudiments. These homes are large and the most lavishly constructed homes within a structure, offering the widest views of the surroundings. High ceilings, private access to the sundeck make extensions really special, but again, these are relatively more precious than other types of houses in India. Extensions characterize the acme of high- end luxurious living with breath- taking views each around. 

9. Studio Flats

Studio Flats aren’t a newer conception, but lately it has been gaining a lot of fashionability. These apartments are bitsy bones with no separate apartments, relatively popular among youthful working people who want to stay in a little cozy corner with all amenities blended together. The flat comprises different sections but has no walls or divisions. 

10. Eco-friendly Homes

With further and further people getting sympathetic toward the terrain, there’s a growing demand for green homes, especially in big metropolises. These houses combine the conception of sustainable living with ultramodern armature. An Eco-friendly house has the provision for rainwater harvesting,multi-fuel ranges, solar panels, wind turbine, biotic waste operation factory, and power-effective appliances, etc. 

Green eco-friendly homes are getting increasingly popular as an increasing number of people have started making sweats to be sympathetic to the terrain, and their holdalls. Green homes combine different angles, right fromeco-friendly structure accoutrements to the use of renewable energy sources, water recycling, and designs which strive for effectiveness and harmony with the terrain. Indians have started to take enterprises to minimize environmental impacts by equipping their houses with sustainable technologies. No wonder eco-friendly types of houses in India are becoming a common choice. 


The introductory perception of a home is perceived differently by different people, and this seems indeed more apparent with the different types of houses in India, doesn’t it? 

When buying a real estate property, ultramodern home buyers have a number of options to choose from. Casing in India differs largely in terms of their distinct infrastructures, amenities, erecting accoutrements, and aesthetics. From ingrained ultramodern apartments in the metro metropolises to rustic farms in far-flung areas, these homes easily reflect our multifaceted life and culture. 

Moment, more and more people are looking for ultramodern apartments and builder systems. This is substantially because similar types of houses in India offer them great structure, high- end amenities, and security. Bungalows, estates, and farms are the choices of high- end guests and hooches continue to emblematize pastoral India. 

But, with ever- adding admonitions on Global Warming and Climate Change, Indians need to begin taking further and further enterprise to minimize both environmental impacts by arming their houses with sustainable technologies. 

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