small living room design

4 amazing tips for Style your house design living room

Style your house design living room with this 4 amazing tips that will hep to to design your house even more spectacularly .

Style your house design living room

Rule Number one

The rule is to get a rug big enough that all the legs of your sectional sofa will be on top of the rug this is where most of us fail please always get a large rug for your living room it’s better to be too big than too small a sectional sofa opens up your space for house design it makes your space look bigger and getting a rug that too small underneath just wastes this special potential and illusion

Rule Number Two

Do not put too many throw pillows! you’re suffocating the sofa with this kind of decorating going on ideal is six to seven throw pillows in a group of two or three and their placements should be only on the left, center, or right you can get a large pillow, a medium pillow, and a kidney pillow these pillows should color coordinate with each other and with the rug.

Rule Number Three

is that your coffee table should be placed within the bounds of your sectional sofa, don’t get a tiny coffee table; a sectional can host a lot of people. How are they going to place their glasses or cups? it should be the right size and in the right distance don’t place it too far how are the people going to get it? don’t place it too near how they are going to walk? remember functionality!

Rule Number Four

if you’re going to showcase a throw or a blanket don’t hang it on the back pillows or it let it fall over to the side spread it on the chaise lounge If you have a blank wall behind your sofa, use the most of it and fill it up this area becomes your focal point placing just a single décor makes the sofa look too heavy you have to distribute the weight you can get a large scaled artwork or fill it up with a gallery wall or hang a very big mirror or even multiple mirrors last is one of our fears can we still use other pieces of furniture or is it too much? Well the answer is…yes, you can! you can place a console table on the side or at the back an ottoman a side table at the edge or even an accent chair or a plant or a floor lamp See? There’s still a lot of decorating and styling that you can do with a sectional sofa.

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