eco friendly house in india

5 amazing tips for eco friendly house in india

So today I wanted to talk about eco-friendly tips that you can use in your home. So just ideas that you can use for going green after constructing a house .

These are things that I’ve started doing and I’ve been doing for quite a while now but I’ve never talked about in a blog and I feel like this is something that’s very important so let’s get into it.

The first thing that I have done and continue to try to do is limit my use of plastic so I Haven’t bought water bottles in ages and I usually just fill up a pitcher that we have of tap water and we have to go bottles we have reusable bottles that we like to use the other thing that I’m trying to do is limit my use of paper products so no paper towels no paper plates I really like to use just a dishcloth for everything I will use our ceramic plates instead no paper cups I think every little bit matters and I used to use paper towels quite a bit in paper napkins I use a dishcloth for everything that’s something I have improved on so another thing I like to do and something that I really want to do more of this year is use biodegradable and eco friendly products in india.

So I want to reuse like makeup wipes I want to use makeup wipe removers that are biodegradable trash bags just things like that 

next thing I should mention is something I just touched on before but using reusable things like I travel with my little straws if I want to use a straw I just started throwing those in my bag in a little travel case also taking eco friendly reusable coffee cups tote bags I love using tote bags and it’s so much better than having a plastic bag every time you go out if you go out shopping if you’re going to I love going to the bookstore or even the library like I will look I will carry my tote bag especially to get groceries things like that plus there are so many cute canvas si tote bags 

I really love scrolling through Etsy for tote bags but yeah I have like a big big one from Ipsy which you guys might have seen on my Instagram and I love that one Ialso have an L ACC tote bag but I love me a good tote bag another thing that Ilove to do is buy  used items instead of new items so going thrift shopping going to vintage shops for eco friendly products in india can be kind of pricey but going to Goodwill or places like that where you can just go in have an idea of what you’re wanting to look for like maybe it’s a denim jacket maybe it’s you know something that you will probably find plus it’s better because it’s more unique and eco friendly house in india

I found so many amazing eco friendly house in india pieces  at thrift stores that I absolutely love in the time I like to be super bright and colorful I didn’t used to like to play with color like I have been lately but I have like this really bright boho skirt that I absolutely love it’s super thin and it honestly it feels like I’mnot wearing anything like honestly that’s why I love it when it’s really hot here in the summertime in hyderabad and I have this one piece like this jumpsuit that’s very bright and it’s it has just a very bright pattern but I got it at a thrift store and I absolutely love wearing that in the summertime you can also donate some items you can upcycle items so you’re not buying something new so it’s all about just reducing reusing upcycling recycling another thing that I am learning how to do which I should have been using eco friendly products in india

eco friendly

I feel likeI should already be like a good DIY person at this is DIY eco friendly steps in constructing a house projects like house cleaning products vinegar using vinegar and baking soda to clean things so just using products and ingredients that I already have in my home that’s something that I am working on this year gardening is the next thing that I wanted to talk about there is a spot in our back patio area that would be perfect for a garden and Kyle and I keep talking about this we’re like we have to start a garden this year and I would love to do that I would love to have our own tomatoes herbs I would love to have peas things like that just anything we have a perfect spot back here where it’s like why don’t we have that started already

the last thing I’m gonna mention is supporting brands that are green supporting brands that have biodegradable products brands that plant trees when you buy a productor something like that voting with your dollar that’s what this is about so yeah these are all things that I have been doing and things that I am improving on and if you have other ideas please comment down below 

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