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8 wall painting design that will attract success in life

So let’s begin with the first wall painting design

when we are constructing you house you don’t want anything left over , you want everything to be just great and nothing less. so why leave something that can generate a positive vibes in our house. here are some of the painting that you can place at certain places on your house wall painting design that will attract success in life

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The 1st one is Green Scenery which has to be placed in the North for enhancing the flow of customers and opportunities in life. As soon as you finish an order, the next one will be on the way 

Waterfall Painting

The 2nd painting is Waterfall Painting. It is used in the North East for getting new ideas for creating money. You will use those ideas for creating new products for making money. North East is the direction of money making ideas. A waterfall painting there will boost the flow of money making ideas in your life.

painting of a SUN

The 3rd Painting is the painting of a SUN. When you hang a Sun painting on the East wall of your home, You will get fame and recognition in society. It also helps in your branding which in turn helps you to sell your products at a better price in the market .

The 4th one is Churning Painting. This painting is used in the East South East direction . This painting helps in better decision making for your business. This painting activates churning activity in your business and all the decisions that you take after proper churning will turn out to be beneficial and gainful for your business.

Churning Painting

The 5th painting is of Goddess Lakshmi. Lakshmi means Money and the South East direction belongs to Money. When you put this painting in the South East direction of your Home, the flow of money increases in your life and business. You will get money when you need it.

Ancestor Painting

The 6th Painting is Ancestor Painting. When you hang Ancestor photos in the South West of Home or Office, it protects you and your business from all the negative activities. And your Life runs smoothly with stability.

Mountain Painting

The 7th Painting is Mountain Painting which you can download from google and hang in west for enhancing gains in business You will start getting bulk orders in business because when you hang mountain painting in west, it channelize the flow of energy towards east which is very auspicious in vastu shastra which facilitates gains in business.

The 8th Painting is Running White Horses Painting. You must have seen this painting in various homes. This painting should be used in the North West and as soon as you use this in the NW of home or office  You start getting support from all directions of your life whether it be bank support, supplier or staff support, debtor’s support, etc. All types of support you can get through this painting.

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