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10 house maintenance tips for excited new house owners .

So, hopefully you’ll learn from my mistakes and oversights! 

house owners

First , before we jump into the home maintenance list, I would like to request a second to wholeheartedly congratulate all new house owners .

That’s huge!

you ought to be so pleased with yourself, because regardless of who you’re ,or where you’re , this undoubtedly took some sacrifice on your part.

Once we bought our first house I used to be so nervous and excited, and oh my goodness did we’ve our work cut out for us! I had such a lot to find out about owning a house. Growing up I lived in rentals which suggests that each one of the large house maintenance items were handled by the property manager.

What I would like to share with you today may be a list of things that you simply might overlook once have become the new house owner . These are preventative house maintenance items that do not take tons of labor but can prevent plenty of cash down the road. I’ll also share a bonus maintenance item for all you new house owners at the top of this Blog , that I literally just learned once I was doing the research for this blog.

That’s right, this home ownership business may be a new adventure every day!

house maintenance

#1: Clean the gutters. This one is so important. On behalf of me our gutters were quite out of sight, out of mind. Ideally, I feel that you simply would have your gutters checked and cleaned twice a year. Failing that, in Arizona you actually got to roll in the hay before the beginning of monsoon season. Your gutters play a very important role in diverting water faraway from your home .If they are not properly cared for or cleaned you’ll experience flooding. If you’ve got any trees that are on the brink of the gutter or that drop debris in them you’ll want to think about having them removed, or at the very least having them trimmed back.

#2: Check your roof. Here in Anthem we’ve tile roofs. We’re usually looking to ascertain if there are any crack tiles, missing tiles, cracked mortar packs, or evidence of birds. If you notice any of those you are going to require to possess a roofer or a handyman bent the property to form the repairs. I’m hesitant to recommend that you simply rise up and walk around on your roof. One, because it’s dangerous and two, because you would like to understand what you’re doing if you are going to steer around on the roof. It’s way too easy to leap up there and crack a tile. If you are not rising on your roof, hire knowledgeable or think about using a drone to fly over and have a glance.

#3: Drain your predicament heater. By taking the time to properly look after your predicament heater you’ll greatly extend its life. Sediment can build up within the tank and draining it helps to flush that sediment out.We did an entire video on the way to drain your predicament heater,and trust me if I can roll in the hay , you’ll definitely roll in the hay .So, i will be able to link thereto within the cards just in case you would like to see it out. you’ll read the owner’s manual for your particular model but typically doing this once per annum is sufficient for your house maintenance

new house owners

#4: HVAC servicing. Having your heating, ventilation, and cooling system serviced is so important. I have never been brave enough to undertake tackling this one myself yet, though. We just hire an area company that comes out, takes a glance, and does any repairs or adjustments, as needed. We’ve had our units serviced once per annum and it has been running rather well .I’ve been in an Arizona house within the middle of the summer when the ACid and it isn’t pretty. So, we just do everything we will to prolong the lifetime of our equipment for good house maintenance .

#5: Change your filters. If you are like me you’ll not have realized that your home came with numerous filters. you would like to vary the filters on your HVAC system, your fridge, and your reverse osmosis system (if you’ve got one). you furthermore may have to be cleaning the filter in your dishwasher. For the HVAC system, i used to be told that it’s better to use cheaper filter and alter it once per month instead of choosing the costlier filters that need less changing. As for the fridge and therefore the reverse osmosis system, you are going to require to consult your owner’s manual for the filter replacement schedule. With reference to the dishwasher filter the simplest advice I ever got was from the salesperson who sold my parents their new dishwasher. He said that we should always remove our filters and clean them whenever the sunshine on the dishwasher comes on to remind us to use a rinse agent. Ever since then, that’s been my go-to then far, so good.

#6: Clean your dryer vent. This one I definitely knew about before we bought a house. I saw those infomercials for the Lint Lizard where the house was ablaze because somebody forgot to wash the dryer vent! Depending on how your house is laid out and where the dryer vent is found , you may be ready to clean it out on your own. If you cannot reach the outlet or if you do not have the proper equipment to push all the way through , I strongly recommend that you simply hire knowledgeable people for your house maintenance . This one may be a serious safety hazard if ignored by the house owners .

#7: Service your smoke alarms. Speaking of things that are a security risk, you would like to check your smoke detectors and your carbon monoxide gas detectors. The US Fire Administration recommends that you simply test your smoke alarms once per month, by pressing the test button. I definitely haven’t been great about doing this monthly . So, you’ll guess what I will be doing as soon as I close up the camera! Also, smoke alarms should get replaced every 10 years. you’ll usually find the date of manufacture on the rear of your fire alarm . If it’s quite 10 years old,replace it.

#8: Test your water pressure. Did you recognize that water pressure that’s too high can damage your fixtures? Having to exchange all of your plumbing fixtures would get really expensive, really quickly. you’ll get a water pressure gage for fewer than$20. You would like your water pressure to be between 40 and 60 psi. If your water pressure is just too low or too high, you will probably want to consult a plumber.

#9: Service your garage door. No word of a lie,I have the worst luck when it involves garage doors. Everywhere I even have ever lived, where we’ve had a garage, we’ve had problems with the doors,without fail! Having been on each side , I can not decide if it had been worse having the car stuck inside the garage or having the car outside the garage and therefore the doors stuck halfway open and wanting to get to a gathering during a hurry. If you do not maintain your garage door it’ll break at some point. I like to recommend having it serviced once per annum or if it starts to form a funny noise. Don’t ignore any weird noises! within the meantime, you’ll lubricate the springs with a cheap can of garage door lubricant.

#10: Prevent Pests. Some pests are just a nuisance while others like termites or pigeons can cause serious damage to your home. Termites are definitely something that we’d like to observe out here in Arizona. In fact, we did an entire video on the way to prevent termites and therefore the steps you would like to require to save yourself from an enormous repair bill .If you want to see that out, I will be able to link thereto within the cards for this Blog .You need to seek out out what sorts of pests are common in your area , if they will cause damage to your home, and the way to stop them. Alright !

home maintenance

I promised you a bonus house maintenance tip, too, right?

Well, once I was doing my research for this Blog , I found a piece of writing that recommended that you simply clean your refrigerator coils. What?! That’s right. Dust can accumulate round the coils and shorten the lifespan of your fridge. Now, where the coils are located will depend upon your fridge model . once again congratulation for being the new house owners and hope this blog has helped you in some way for your house maintenance

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