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6 Rules for Minimalist Interiors Design of House Simple

As an architect I’ve struggled in the past when projects come down to interior design of house simple  for some reason furniture choices that once seemed great on screen can sometimes feel a   little bit off , when they arrive in person but over time I realized that it’s less about the   appearances of furniture in isolation and more about the recipe of our choices as a whole.

So in this Blog thought i’d go over six principles that help with choosing furniture and pairing materials which might help save us from making costly india modern house design decisions down the line in design of house simple

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principle 1

budget as a designer our budgets are almost always decided by the client however when   working on your own project it’s easy to push your budget to one side granting yourself more freedom to think about exciting things like the size of your snack cupboard and the comfort of your sofa but without placing constraints on your finances things can quickly get out of hand causing you to get lured into spending much more than you need to and potentially causing you the uncomfortable burden of unnecessary debt which could have otherwise been avoided if you’re fortunate enough to have an unlimited budget

It’s not really that hard to make something look impressive as when everything is top spec it usually looks pretty good all good designers understand this but what makes good india modern house design great design is how constraints are elegantly navigated to provide compelling solutions in order to do this it’s important to get your priorities in order so you need to work with your budget to steer the direction of your project

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What i like to do is prioritize all of my project’s needs for fixtures and furnishings in a clear hierarchy according to how the space will be used and how certain items might be more important than others for example if you’re the kind of person or client who likes spending their evenings watching netflix you may want to allocate more of your budget towards a quality sofa however if you’re really into entertaining guests you may want to prioritize high quality items for your dining area instead this way you can negotiate the constraints of your budget with clear priorities rather than just letting things spiral   out of control which often forces people to cut corners down the line

principle 2

functionality   apart from an artistic touch all that good design really is is identifying a set of specific needs and fulfilling them in the most elegant and efficient way possible even though this sounds simple enough i find that a lot of people get stuck in establishing what exactly those needs are, so the first and most crucial thing you need to do is identify your needs clearly which is known in   the design world as creating a brief unfortunately a lot of designers do not spend enough time here which can cause setbacks and frustrations throughout the duration of a project so if you   can it’s important to get the brief right first try no matter how long it takes form should always follow function as there’s no point of having a beautifully india modern house design space if it isn’t comfortable.

So the best way that i’ve found to do this is to list out all of the items that need solutions, according to how you or your client uses the space finding homes for things like vacuum cleaners laundry baskets and sports equipment as these lesser used items are often overlooked and can easily catch you out doing this allows you to establish approximate areas and sizing for all of the functions you need like the suitable size of a fridge or a dishwasher for your kitchen or the size of a dining table in relation to a sofa when planning out your india modern house design living area this is known in the design world as space planning and by taking these early steps you can start designing in a way   that is as efficient as possible before you even get down to the way that things look so you can   focus on important constraints like the location of windows or sockets or radiators to make sure   that you’re getting the very most out of the space that you use to avoid a compromised final design

Principle 3

Taste once you have the bare bones of your design and you know that it works only then   can you really start thinking about how you want it to look i personally dig minimalist interiors design of modern design of house simples   as they’re so calming and these tend to lean into scandinavian and mid-century modern furniture   choices i know that i like this style of furniture as i’ve been designing interiors design of house simples for some time now   but it’s also important for you to have a clear idea of what you really like before you start   picking items as i find that it’s common for us to be not so clear about what’s in our heads until .

we can communicate it through imagery this is why it’s important to research what it is exactly that you like i love using websites such as house design 2 floor or pinterest to start collecting imagery that i’m really drawn to so that i can collate it into some kind of desktop folder or just a pinterest board where the pinterest save button as a browser extension comes in really handy these then become reference images and are what designers often refer to as design precedents not precedents like donald trump but precedents that are completed projects that preceded yours   and then serve as examples or guides to refer back to by going through this process you can establish   a common theme amongst what it is that you or your team really like and you may notice that you’re   subconsciously drawn to things that you might not have noticed earlier on like thinly framed artwork   patterned rugs and pottery

Principle 4

Palette when you pair too many colors together things   can tend to start looking pretty chaotic when i see images of interiors that I’m really drawn to   it’s usually pretty clear that there’s an underlying order of several colours and shades   that cause the house design 2 floor to look coherent and pleasing to the eye something that’s really easy   to forget is that actually every material in your home or project has its own color for example it’s   likely that the paint on your walls is a certain shade of white and the timber on your floor is   a certain shade of brown these all contribute towards a color palette before you even consider   adding furniture into the mix so it’s important to ensure that whatever you add it doesn’t cause the   palette to become incoherent and jumbled I’ve noticed that i tend to design with only really   around five colors and tones at any one time and these colors often come from natural materials   like timber plants and stone i think this is because i really feel that nature is the best   designer.

so i end up referencing it as much as i can using the earthy tones and pastel colours of   landscapes you can always go with brighter color schemes too but be warned that they can be quite intense for residential settings and i find that they’re much harder to make look good especially as color is a very subjective topic however if for example you really like the color purple   it certainly doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t embrace it and find a way to make it work

Principle 5

Texture what’s interesting about texture is that the way that you apply it suggests   the way that the space should be used for example naturally hard surfaces like those in kitchens   suggest a space for work and soft materials like those in a living area suggest a space for   relaxation and play however this is something that can be easily overlooked this happened to me in   the past when i first designed our micro apartment although a lot of people loved the design of the   space because of its multi-functionality the blog didn’t really convey the way that the space made   you feel as humans we have five senses but b-roll in photography only communicates to our eyes   leaving the rest up to our imagination with interiors india modern house design of house simples you also have to consider the way   things feel to our sense of touch and the way things sound in regards to our hearing.

steel structure of building

This is especially true if you’re going to be living in spaces that haven’t really considered either   of these things for instance sleek hard surfaces may look great in a magazine or in a youtube blog but in real life they can feel echoey and cold which makes for a really unpleasant experience   additionally a lack of texture can make a space look sterile and uninviting but if you use too much texture in your designs it’s also easy to end up with a space that feels really busy and overwhelming in my experience picking textures is a bit like balancing yin and yang finding   the right balance between hard and soft and making sure that you don’t have too much of one and none of the other.

Principle 6

Shapes finally the last principle that i think is really important   to consider is shapes as this is something that i didn’t really realize earlier on in my career   one time i came up with a design for an office environment and the client came back saying that   it felt very masculine aside from an obvious blue color choice i realized that the shapes   of furniture are a major factor to what makes a design feel more masculine or more feminine and   as a designer you have the unique ability to swing things one way or another working with shapes is   similar to working with textures in the way that shapes can also be hard or soft so putting gender   stereotypes aside a design with a lot of sharp corners and right angles feels hard and masculine   whereas a design with a lot of curves feels more delicate and feminine.

however if you go too far   with either you’ll end up with your space feeling either too strict or rigid or too loose and   disorienting so like with texture you also want to have a pleasant balance of hard and soft so   you don’t end up too far on one side unless it’s part of the intended look that you’re going for   i find it’s a lot easier to fall into the trap of designing overly masculine spaces as right angles   are just so much easier to work with however a good example of how you might balance this   out is by introducing furniture with curved edges or by even introducing subtle and less   obvious items like spherical light fixtures soft cushions or even wavy throws and flowy curtains   even though i may consider myself to have the most impeccable taste in the world/

When it comes to india modern house design no one can ever say that i’m right and you’re wrong   because at the end of the day that’s what’s great about design the fact that it’s so subjective and   so diverse so hopefully from this blog you don’t get the impression that this is advice   about a certain style of design but more so a helpful set of considerations for establishing   your own specific taste what’s great about being a designer professionally is that there’s endless room for experimentation and by mixing various pieces of inspiration together it can allow your design to tell stories by making cultural and historical references that add an even deeper layer of meaning past the way something looks or feels for our own homes there’s nothing worse   than spending hours picking furniture to only hate how it looks in the space when it finally arrives   so hopefully this blog was useful in avoiding these kinds of mistakes and if you enjoyed it it   would be great if you could leave me a like and drop me a comment down in the comment section and you may also enjoy checking out some of my other India modern house design blog like how i ranked first   architecture school and the follow-up blog that i made for my minimalist micro apartment.

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