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The perfect wallpaper for your beautiful house of India

I will give you some wonderful tips for your beautiful house of india design which will help you to decide where exactly to use wallpapers, how to select it, what are the beautiful small house designs wallpaper available for it,  what is the price range, and in the end I will show you actual site applications too.

So do read this blog until the end.

Firstly, let us understand what is a wallpaper? Wallpaper is a long paper roll on which different kinds of beautiful small house designs are printed. Some are plain, there is texture, print or design on some. Although there are many textures and colours available in paints,  still sometimes there are limitations in design and print. So if you want to highlight one of your walls but don’t want to paint it,  You want to have some beautiful house of India on it, or a geometrical pattern, lines, or small motifs… 

If you want to do anything like that you can use a wallpaper. Basically it’s a piece of paper which is stuck to the wall by means of glue. If you have a wall that you have texture-painted in your beautiful house of india , and after a few years you want to change it, it can take you a lot of time to change it, and the process is not very easy either. but instead if you have used a wall paper, and you want to change it after some years, it is very easy to do so. It takes very little time, and is completely dust-free.

That’s why people prefer to apply wallpaper these days. You get a lot of variety in colors and textures – and beautiful house of india wallpapers. And it doesn’t take time to install. Let me show you the different kinds of wallpapers you will find in a brochure. Some of these beautiful house of india of india have motifs and prints, which repeat. or…there is an overall design as you can see many times, one kind of design is available in different colours.

beautiful house design

For example in this pattern, this is a dark color. and this is a lighter color in the same pattern. this is another motif-type like we saw in the beginning which is also available in different colours… You will often find a sample furniture setting photograph along with wallpaper usage within the brochure. Sometimes, these are also photoshopped to appear more appealing here! 

Therefore, don’t rely completely on the photographs. Hold the wallpaper vertically and see how it feels. Now in this pattern too, there are many colors, So you can find these in geometric patterns, stone finish patterns, wave patterns… Wallpapers with basic textures and colors also feel very beautiful after installation. I am just showing you one brochure for example, but there are many house beautiful house of india in different brochures… There are separate brochures for wallpaper for children’s room So if you have to design your children’s room you can select a wallpaper from those. You also get wallpapers of cartoon characters. You can change such cartoon print wallpapers once your kids have grown up. These are mica chips. You can have many different colors in these too.  Now let’s discuss how to maintain a wallpaper. There are several wallpapers which can be cleaned with a damp sponge. But again, this depends on the texture and material quality of the wallpaper.

I would suggest that you clarify with the shopkeeper about the cleaning process at the time of purchase. It will be better if you follow those cleaning guidelines as instructed. One thing you have to remember while applying wall paper is that… you should NOT take it all the way down and touch the floor.  You have to stop the wall paper at the skirting height (tile piece generally at the joint of the wall and floor). If you take it all the way down, for example, if you are applying it on a panel where there is no skirting and you have taken it all the way till the floor because there is no skirting, then due to everyday wet cleaning or during mopping the floor, it can get spoilt, or come out due to exposure to water. so please keep this in mind when designing beautiful house design. I have seen that many times, people also apply wallpapers on wardrobes but there is a high chance of those coming off due to excessive hand-touching.

house beautiful

If you want to apply something different on your wardrobe, you can apply decals. Wallpapers for your beautiful house of indiacome in rolls.  After identifying the wall on which you want to apply the wallpaper, it is essential to take its measurement properly. You have to measure the length and height of the wall.  One wallpaper roll typically covers an area of 55 square feet beautiful house . After taking the measurement, if you realize that the area of your wall is, say, 80 sq ft., you will have to purchase two rolls. You will not get a half roll. In a roll of 50-55 s.ft., generally there is a wastage of 5 s.ft. at the top and bottom while applying. So you can assume that one roll can cover a wall of 5 feet x 10 feet (width x height) So you can decide the number of rolls based on this thumb-rule. You get some wallpapers based on per square feet too –  there will be less wastage in it, but it will be costlier as compared to a single roll. but if it suits your budget, you must certainly ask the shop keeper about such a possibility. You get wall paper rolls of different widths The standard one is 24 inches. For example, if this is a 24 inch roll, it will look like this when opened up.

So you will require many strips like these to cover your wall. but the other one is a wider roll of 42 inches. This one will be able to cover a larger area in a single roll/panel. Remember that if you use the wider wallpaper, you will see lesser joints. One more thing…a lot of times people think that if one is putting a wallpaper you will not have to paint there, and hence you will save that cost. but it’s not so. Because many times, the wall surface is not finished well… 

It is undulating, or it can be slightly wavy So it is very important that before pasting the wall paper, the wall surface is made absolutely plain. The surface should be primed, levelled, and readied. Only after that, it is ready for pasting the wallpaper for beautiful house of india . The pricing of wallpapers start from INR 1500 to 2000. There is no upper limit – it depends on the design and pattern. If there is shimmer, or shine on it, it may also cost you INR 15000!

One more thing I want to mention is that the application charges of the wallpaper are included in its cost. You don’t have to pay separately for it. Therefore let them do the installation. It will be better if the experts handle the task. Now let’s talk about the colors. During selection, you must remember that if your room is small, then you must select a wallpaper of lighter color. If your space is bigger, you can go for a darker shade of wallpaper for your beautiful house . It will not look loud in that case. So you must decide to go for a lighter or darker color based on the size of your room. In the same way, if the wall is smaller, you should choose a wallpaper with smaller motifs/designs.

Larger motifs will look better on a larger wall. After selecting a wallpaper, staff from the shop will come to measure the wall area in your beautiful house of india design . You may request them to carry the brochure to your house. You can test the wallpaper by placing it on the wall on which you want to put it… and decide whether it works with your furniture, other wall colors and the light in the room. Like I mentioned that one print is available in different colors – like brown, dark brown, blue, green… sometimes, while at the shop, we feel light brown is more appropriate but after coming home, you feel dark brown will be better instead of light brown…

beautiful small house

In that case you can request the shopkeeper and get the shade changed by testing it at home. However it may not be possible for all shops to send brochures. But they might cooperate if you are willing to pay a token amount. I told you that it is very easy to apply wallpaper and the process is absolutely dust free… but this is only in comparison to paint-work for your beautiful house of india . If you consider, this is the job of an expert. We cannot apply it by ourselves.

Now that I have given you all the information about wallpapers, let us see its actual site application. If you can see, before putting up, one has to apply glue over the wall paper. Slightly more glue is applied than normal. After that, when they open up the rolls and start putting it up,  They check its alignment to the wall, which is difficult…

They use a piece of fiber spatula to flatten it and ooze out the extra glue. And while removing this excess, it may spill on the ceiling, floor or side walls. but they remove it immediately after pasting the wallpaper for you beautiful house of India design .. and since it is water based, it doesn’t leave a mark behind after cleaning. I would like to give you two tips: First is that while applying the wallpaper, a lot of excess glue can spill on the floor and make it slippery. Children and old people in the family must take care while walking to avoid slipping (during the installation of the wallpaper).

Second: Many times people feel that the joints of the wallpaper are very visible while application. But these joints show more prominently during application because it is wet (with glue) However, you have to give it a 24 hours to dry properly. When you see it the next day, you will realise that the joints are not as prominent as it dries further. Even if there are any seeming bubbles, they will dry off and flatten over time. If you have still not subscribed to the channel, then please do! And press the bell icon beside it… This will help you get a notification as soon as we release a new video and we will stay connected.

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