Simple house plan



Simple house plan


First of all, I really want to congratulate you for starting your journey of building your dream house and for arriving at the right place to start your journey of  designing your dream home but first by selecting the right Simple house plan design.

Having a place that you can call your own , that you can design like you have always dreamed off , like you always wanted, that one particular  thing that you always missed in every place you ever lived , that comfort zone is only found in your own dream house and when you are finally there to get it build and design, you have come to the right place.

We at nimble design studios know that feeling and the excitement of calling a house of your own, that’s why we take care of every single detail when it comes to designing your comfy home.

Whether it’s  a Simple house plan design or your Modern house design Plans or a small house design plans we do it all with the same passion and love for the job.

The demand in the market is increasing day by day and so is the cost but we know the value of having extra bucks of savings can go a long way on a whole when constructing a house. That’s why we have kept the cost of all our services 60% lower than the market rate.

Imagine relaxing in your comfort zone and not worrying about running to your architect every time you need any changes in your modern front elevation designs or in your house plans , that’s the kind of service we provide you when you select nimble design studios

Designing is the most exciting part of the whole construction of you dream house as you can give wings to your imagination and lets start your journey of building your dream house

Simple house plan design

In a Simple house plan design you Get the best Simple Floor Plan For your house. Here we provide you the Concept floor plan through which you can get started for your dream house. We are apt and are dedicated to fulfill your imagination with our expertise.

if you are looking for a simple Floor plan to start you dream house you have come to a right place. we know the feeling for building you new house and the excitement that comes with it. the eagerness to just start our journey towards the completion of the house. thais is the right place to begin your journey. lets get started.



Attractive and workable floor plan with all the doors and windows placement and sizes.

If the vastu is not kept in mind when designing a front view design of an Indian house plan then the design is incomplete , we keep all the taps for a perfect vastu compliant house design plan .

Detail Floor plan with all the dimensions.


How to calculate SFT ( square feet ) of any house / Plot / plan etc.

just multiply the length and breath of which you want to calculate the SFT

Example :- 

let’s say you have a plot size of 30 feet by 25 feet that is 30 feet X 25 Feet which is = 750 Square feet

( have any doubt or query please feel free to mail us at [email protected]  )



  • NOTE:- honesty and transparency is the best policy is what we believe in there are no hidden costs whatsoever.
  • The plans are meant to be used for construction use. The municipal laws differ from state to state.
  • We provide two Simple house plan design options from which you can select either one and mark the changes your needs and we will take care of the rest
  • We provide two time alteration or change for any house plans or house elevation design selected . above that are chargeable as per the request



1000 to 2000 SFT, 2000 to 3000 SFT, 3000 to 5000 SFT, 5000 And Above, Up to 1000 SFT


Ground + One Floor, Ground + Three Floor, Ground + Two Floor, Ground + Up to five Floors, Ground Floor

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    I have found the service to be the cheapest and the most satisfying.

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