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Benefits of having a studio apartment planning design and why they're growing more in demand

We all dream of an inner sanctum. A place that’s constantly ours, holds in the most profound secrets and substantiations the most important of mannas. A space where you leave out the external world and direct your focus on effects that count. There’s an ideal home for everyone out there and it isn’t inescapably a BHK type flat, or a commodious house nearly in the megacity. For a working professional or a person living alone, it might just be a one- room living space with enough area for a kitchen/ kitchenette and an attached restroom. 

In the ultramodern period, where our high focus is to grow as a career- acquainted person, maintaining a bigger space can be a bit of a time- consuming challenge. Piecemeal from the convenience, prices of the domestic real estate request are soaring with each passing day. This is where the plant apartments come into the picture. Steadily, the demand for these apartment planning design is gaining instigation in metro metropolises and league-2 municipalities of India.

A swell in the request for these apartment planning design, is ineluctable. But is the contemporary spare in the chasing world going to sit well with everyone? Read further to find about the way of life plant apartments are then to inculcate. 

In recent times we have seen that the studio apartment on rent in bangalore and studio apartments chennai and other metro cities are getting very popular. 

Studio apartment meaning

What’s a plant apartment in India? These are recently erected living places which are called plant apartments for the ultramodern English appeal attached to it. studio apartment planning design have come relatively popular in India in the past two decades, especially in metropolises like Mumbai, where space crunch doesn’t allow large domestic developments. We look at what plant apartments exactly are and how they help the country break its casing problems 

Configuration & Size of a Studio Apartment

Studio apartment planning design aren’t exceptionally large or ample. One of the major features of a single room living space is the feeling of closeness it exudes. Not bitsy enough to inseminate a feeling of claustrophobia, but also not commodious enough to feel extraneous. The size range of these apartments generally differs between 250 and 700 sqft. To give a vague idea about the area, let us assume that 250 sqft. is big enough to be someone’s master bedroom while 750 sqft. is nearly around the size of a squash court. 

studio apartments plan

With the growing population and rising property rates, Interior decorators and engineers are impelled to suppose small for open bottom plans. Can the multiple corridors of a house fit into one commodious room? If yes, how? The answer is simple – room separations. And in case you don’t want room divisions, separation of the different functional areas (like living area, bed space, kitchen and a restroom) works just as well. Studio apartments are more effective when the cabinetwork is minimized. 

Studio apartment Price

What’s a plant apartment in India priced at? studio apartment planning design come in colorful price classes and are generally planted in metropolises, as it’s intended for civic home buyers. In forthcoming locales, 1RK configurations are the volition and are frequently bought, because of its affordability. In the megacity centre or strategic locales, similar plant apartments may bring up to Rs 1 crore. In forthcoming locales, the price of a plant apartment may touch Rs 25 lakh. 

Studio apartment configuration

Studio apartment means a configuration that has a living space, a bed space, a kitchen and bathing space. Studio apartment occasionally have partial walls to produce a discrimination. For illustration, if the guests come by, you’ll have some sequestration, if there’s a wall. 

Studio apartment Who should consider?

What’s a plant apartment popular for? Studio apartments are popular among both tenants and home buyers as they’re best suited for single working professionals, or people staying alone. Deficit of finances may force small families to conclude for plant apartments. Those looking at rental returns, can also consider copping plant apartments. One can relate to plant apartments meaning investment as they cost good returns in metropolises like Mumbai, Delhi or Bengaluru. 

Studio apartment and 1 BHK Difference

Studio apartment meaning and 1 BHK meaning are different but utmost people tend to use the terms interchangeably. Explained is the difference in plant apartment meaning and 1 BHK meaning. 1BHK units give a room, a kitchen, hall space and a restroom and each of these is separate with acceptable discrimination. Studio flat means, the apartment is principally a single large room and the one who occupies the place, will have to allocate space for everything within this large room. 

Studio apartment Benefits

  1. Although plant apartments are small, it offers several benefits for tenants and owners. 
  2.  Studio apartment means being space-effective and therefore stylish suited for single residents. 
  3.  Studio flat means having lower electricity bills, because energy consumption is lower. 
  4. Studio apartment meaning can fluently be nominated as affordable in comparison to other configurations.
  5.  What’s a plant apartment in India known for? The rent in plant apartment then’s generally lower, as compared to other types of apartments. 
  6.  studio apartment planning design generally available in central locales, which have good connectivity. 
  7.  Studio flat means it requires low conservation. 

Studio apartment Downsides

  1. While plant apartments are popular, there are some factors you should consider, before investing in one. 
  2.  Studio flat means not suited for bigger families. 
  3. Studio flat means limited space; no clear discrimination. 
  4.  Studio apartments require fresh storehouse space. 
  5.  Studio apartment means lack of sequestration, in case you have guests coming over. 
apartments plan

Studio apartments plan How to divide?

What are plant apartment challenges that come with them? Creating further space and distinct areas is one of the biggest challenges of living in a plant apartment, which comprises just one room. So, then are some easy ways to overcome this problem. 

Room separator curtains 

Installing room separator curtains in a plant apartment is a simple result to insulate the house. With innovative partition curtains available these days, you can pick one that matches the décor theme of your plant apartment. 

Sliding doors 

 Sliding doors look elegant while giving a sense of sequestration in a plant apartment. They don’t enthrall important space, unlike regular doors. 

Bottom-to- ceiling bookshelves 

 In a plant apartment, a ceiling-high bookshelf, placed vertical to a wall, is a practical way to separate the living areas. It’ll also give storehouse space while elevating the décor quotient of the house. 

Glass or rustic screen 

 Adding a glass panel or rustic screen to your plant apartment will enable visual separation while letting sun inside the house. 

 Say no to clutter As the space in the plant apartment is divided into colorful functionalities, avoid any form of clutter as they will come on your way therefore hampering easy movement. Also, too much clutter will make the space look congested and master ease of living. 

Studio apartment and rental returns

As formerly mentioned, if you’re looking at rental returns, a plant apartment is a good choice. You bear a lower quantum to invest in a plant apartment than in a 1BHK or 2BHK unit. Still, rental returns are also commensurate.

You can anticipate anywhere between Rs and Ra for a standard plant apartment, in a league-1 or league-2 megacity, as reimbursement. It’s important to note that the rent of a plant apartment depends on the position and request dynamics, as well. A plant apartment in Bandra, Mumbai, can cost you much more. Lower metropolises don’t have a veritably pronounced request for similar small configurations. 

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