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The 5 Perfect trends to design your dream kitchen

Are you planning your dream kitchen?

for most of the people a house is not just a house its their dream house which for most of the people build it only once.

so, when you are building your dream Houses you want if as perfect as it can be keeping your budget in the mind you don’t want to leave any stone unturn, weather its your bedroom or hall or kitchen, so if you have started your journey of building your dream house and thinking about your dream kitchen , then well here are some tips that can help you to design your dream kitchen for your simple modern house design

If your kitchen layout needs renovating, otherwise you simply want to refresh your color scheme , now is the perfect time to make to design your dream kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart of any home, so it is sensible that there’s a robust desire to make it the dream space to share beautiful moments with family and friends!

If you’ve got any questions after reading this blog, or you need any specific advice to realize your dream kitchen, please let me know in the comment below! here we accompany kitchen ideas for a modern look so that you can design your dream kitchen for simple modern house design.

Trend number 1:

Dark Kitchens nowadays one among the favorite trends of 2021 may be a dark color palette. showing fewer primary colors and a greater emphasis on black. One among my favorite combinations is dark gray with natural wood because it’s elegant, timeless and adds warmth to the space. The natural wood helps to humanize and soften up the space creating an ideal balance with the dark color. 

Trend number 2:

Matte Everything who doesn’t love the slick touch of matte finishes? The market is filled with matte cabinets, appliances and details. 

It’s perfect for kitchens because they’re easier to stay clean. Hardware is the easiest thing to vary in your kitchen so take a risk and check out something beautiful and different which will look just awesome for your simple modern house design. 

design your dream kitchen

Trend number 3:

Open Shelving. Let’s personalize your kitchen! Open shelving and glass fronted cabinets allow homeowners to showcase their personalities with displays of unique and artistic kitchen and dining room pieces. also, if you don’t wish to have open shelving because you don’t wish to reveal the whole content of your cabinet, textured glass is that the solution for you during this way you’ll add an exquisite layer of texture to the space and it’s an excellent tool to combine it up with the straight lines of the cupboards , adding a visible and private touch to a up to date of design your dream kitchen

Trend number 4:

 the next tip to design your dream kitchen is  Counter and backsplash in 2020, we are going back to basics for counters.

 High contrasting marbles in dark colors are timeless and stylish , also “Terrazzo” made a crucial comeback and has their fans. Nowadays there are numerous different combinations which will be very interesting. I’m a touch curious.

Tell me within the comment section which one does one like better to use in your kitchen? timeless marble or a contemporary looking “terrazzo”? Splash backs are no longer resigned to only being practical elements; now, designers are using them to make real focal points within the kitchen. for a contemporary and clean look, think about using an equivalent material on the countertop and therefore the backsplash! 

design your dream kitchen

Trend number 5:

special and unique sinks! details aren’t just details, they create the planning, say goodbye to all or any of the too-common sinks and say hello to unique statement designs. 

Try a sink in gold or a multifunctional sink which will be beautiful and functional to develop during a comfortable way the time you spend within the Dream kitchen. Remember If you’ve got any question about design please let me know within the comment section 

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