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We are going to tell you that what are the flooring options available with  you when making home design interior What are there pros and cons what is the price range of these options and in the end we will suggest you the best flooring options for your home design interior

Today the flooring options that we are discussing include wooden flooring, tiles, marble, laminated wooden flooring granite, carpet and vinyl flooring If you like this blog, please do let us know in comments below

home design interior

The First Option

  • The first options you get is wooden flooring Wooden flooring is great in look feels really cool in you bedroom interiorand feel and its life span is great One of the biggest advantage of this flooring is that if you get bored from this floor, you can sell it On the other hand, you don’t find reliable fitters of this flooring option

Most of the people don’t get it installed as it is expensive and you don’t find professional people to install it Another disadvantage of this floor for your home design interior is that the resistance is low and permanent scratches are detectable

In addition, the places where lots of water is used or passed down, this flooring is not at all recommended like our kitchens and our bedroom interior Because their durability is lifelong so those of you who want to get this flooring done, for them , we recommend that they should ensure that your wood should be properly seasoned Because if proper seasoning is not done the floor becomes uneven and that looks bad and is hazardous In addition, keep in mind that wherever you are getting this flooring done for your home design interior , proper termite proofing has been done If we talk of the cost, it costs you around Rs. 450 to Rs. 600 per square feet

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The Second Option

  • The second option is tiles. Tiles have always been one of the most popular options and even if we look at it today, the most popular flooring option for your home design interior is tiles. We find lots of options and designs in tiles for your home design interior . We can also find different price ranges. This is a very reliable option and has a longer lifespan but at times there are issues in its workmanship Installing tiles and removing them is quite a time consuming and difficult process.

Maintenance of tiles is easier but erosion within two tiles is always difficult to manage Overall this is a very good option and i recommend that wherever there is high consumption of water like washroom, kitchen it is best option for those places Its price ranges from Rs. 125 to Rs. 500 per square feet

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The Third Option

  •  Third option available is marble flooring, which is mostly preferred in your hall interior design. This is a good option like tiles You don’t find lots of designs in it but if you place a good quality marble, it looks really nice Good quality marble ranges from Rs. 200-300 per square feet but we find even better marbles like Ziarat White which will cost you around Rs. 600 per square feet Normally marbles absorb liquids so so the maintenance is pretty difficult and if oil stays on it for a while, its leaves permanent stain
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The Forth Option

  • Fourth option available with us is that of laminated wood flooring mostly preferred for your bedroom interior This is not wood but just gives look and feel of wood so it is not that durable but it does last well for 7-8 years Another benefit of this flooring is that if any of your tile gets damaged, you can easily replace it It is recommended that whenever you are installing it, keep some spare tiles with you If we talk of pricing, its base price starts from Rs. 140 per square feet and can go up to Rs. 300 per square feet Fitting cost is also included in it Wherever there is lot of usage of water, this flooring option is not recommended over there and if you are looking for an alternative in bedrooms or lounge, this is one of the best option.

The Fifth Option

  • Fifth option available with us is vinyl flooring If your budget is very low, you can opt for this option But it is just like a sticker and gives a very cheaper look but covers your floor My recommendation is that if you have few more bucks in your budget, don’t go for this option Go for laminated wooden flooring Its price range is Rs. 75 to Rs. 95 per square feet and fitting is included in it.

The Sixth Option

  • Sixth option is that of granite flooring Normally it is used for kitchen counters but some people opt it for flooring option as well We can find lots of different designs but cost of this is very high so we don’t recommend it if we talk of cost, it costs us Rs. 600-700 per square feet Seventh option available with us is carpets but its usage is less in warm countries Houses or rooms where sitting on floor is preferred,

    this option is still in vogue Where there are kids in a house, this option is not recommended as removing stains becomes difficult Average price range of carpets is Rs. 50-65 per square feet but we can find expensive carpets too which will go upto Rs. 400 to Rs. 600 per square feet That’s all for this video Hope you liked the video and found it informative

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