your curtain for window

3 Awesome Tips For curtain for window to look Great

your curtain for window

Have you ever checked out your curtain for window and realized how beautiful it's with its curtains?

Hhmm, not really no?

when designing any Indian modern house design, you want every comer of your modern house to look stunning , then why on earth you will leave window curtains without thinking about it… you are not that negligent , will you. so, here are 3 tips for curtains for windows to look great

While we tend to not give much importance to your curtain for window , they’re actually an enormous factor to interior design.

How you hang your curtains may be a thing we also have to consider in decorating our home. So in this blog , we’ll tell you the common your curtain for window mistakes and the way to repair them. Enjoy!


Installing the rod too low. If you would like to make the space look as tall as possible, install them slightly closer to the ceiling to exaggerate the peak of the space . it’ll trick your eye into thinking that the space is taller and spacious. If they’re too low, the ceiling feels lower, which makes your space feel small in your Indian modern house design . That way, your windows will look larger and your curtains won’t block your view when they’re opened. This may give your curtains a gathered, luxurious look whether they’re opened or closed in your simple modern house design.


your curtain for window

The foremost common curtain mistake that’s just too painful to see is, curtain panels being too short. an enormous NO! To avoid this awkward look, interior designers for a simple modern house design have set 4 curtain lengths to perfectly guide us and looks great in your simple modern house design . These are: Kiss, It barely touches the ground . This is often the toughest one to tug off as you would like to live accurately the peak between the rod and therefore the floor’s surface. The panels should perfectly hover on the surface of the ground . to realize this, you’ve got to feature an additional 2-4 inches of length beyond the ground . this is often best for you romantics out there!


It’s an honest idea if your fabric is really of top quality because the more it puddles the more you’ll see its beautiful texture. That drama! But, don’t overdo it! You wouldn’t want to trip over your curtain, right? This one is halfway between kiss and puddle length. Just add an extra half inch to 1 inch length in order that the panel breaks because it hits the ground . If you favor hanging your curtains with no break in the least .

In order that they hang totally straight, then the float is the best choice for you. Your curtain panels should float less than half an inch. above the ground . It doesn’t touch the ground , but barely. Interesting huh?

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The Conclusion

Okay let’s review, we’ve the Kiss, Puddle, Break puddle and Float. Next isn’t really much of an error , remember that wrinkled curtains look sloppy and sometimes don’t hang straight in your simple modern house design . So before you hang, iron o r steam them to release any wrinkles to possess its best look! Okay! Easy guide right? Hope you enjoyed and most significantly ,let us know within the comments below.

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