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Architecture has come a long way, through trends and influences from house design front side to interior designs in India , and still it still continues to evolve. Studying the elaboration of armature highlights the most pivotal factors that have told armature throughout history of house design front side , factors that include influential art movements, groundbreaking and innovative technological inventions, unconventional house design doctrines, and utmost of all, social conditions similar as wars, poverty, industrialization, public development and politics, and ofcourse, afflictions.

Humanity has come face to face with deadly afflictions and pandemics many times in history, and each surge changed the dynamics of house planning, sensitization, and elevation design of house in civic as well as individual aspects. 

For illustration, The Black Death or Bubonic Plague that gauged from 1346 to 1353 in Europe, convinced a better sense of civic planning among the citizens, barring prospering surroundings for conditions for house design front side similar as slums and overcrowded areas and conforming further aseptic and open design principles, similar as furnishing natural ventilation, aseptic services, open public green spaces while designing house design front side , etc. It’s no surprise that major societal changes induce architectural changes with fresh trends and ideas. 

Covid-19, although not as deadly as the Bubonic Plague, has organised our precedence as engineers, shifting our attention from erecting big and attitudinal careless structures to further inclusive and environmentally friendly house design front side and planning . Generalities like space saving and multi-functional spaces in case of extremities have taken over lately. Sensitization and social distancing have come to be a part of every home design detail. And a worldwide lock-down and the WFH system has tutored us about how designing elevation design of house and innards needs to be more functional, effective, and at the same time open and comforting.

2020, of all effects, brought with it a jacked sense of environmental mindfulness. Although this trend has been around for a long time now, its applicability keeps growing. With this important time nearly behind us, it’s time to rewind 2020 and check out what architectural trends in house design front side and interiors  have been prominent and how we can acclimatize to them.

elevation design of house

1. Epidemic!

The most prominent event of 2020 has been the commencement and spread of Covid-19, gripping the entire world with the goods of an epidemic. It has forced engineers all over the world to review armature as we know it. 

It starts with ignoring, How is armature responsible for covid-19? 

. We went from creating socially interactive house design front side and interior spaces to designing for social distancing. Engineers have learned and understood some essential design results to incorporate safety and security, and consider the possibility of an epidemic while designing interior spaces. 


Lock-down didn’t just change the house design front side considerations of external spaces. Working from home has made us realist the significance of a well planned and designed interior space. Sundecks went from being empty spaces used to hang clothes and store effects to a space of recreation and enjoyment. The significance of having a comfortable and compatible work space indoors has forced us to reevaluate interior design. 


Indeed as services sluggishly open up towards the end of the time, introductory amenities in workplaces now include having aseptic areas with sanitizers and ample space to carry out social distancing indoors and outdoor house design front side . Numerous enterprises and engineers have come up with intriguing proffers for plant designs

 “ The epidemic has brought to surface the essential excesses in the way we plan our metropolises intertwining particular and public space. These are all unstable metropolises with slightly any room for the poor. Going forward, it would be imperative to review densification and also insure our metropolises are egalitarian, inclusive, less consumptive and more mortal, with space for everyone — from the rich and notorious to hoi polloi,” 

.AG Krishna Menon, civic diary and a author member of Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) 
.The epidemic has forced us to reevaluate how we plan our metropolises of house design front side , and if these plans are flexible and equipped with emergency installations, and prepared for situations like an epidemic. The spread of the contagion encyclopedia was unexpectedly accessible, and it tells us a lot about how our metropolises have been planned. New testaments include functional division of space, safe mobility within its physical terrain, and other, formerly being factors for healthy metropolises.

2. Digital Inventions

Another effect of the epidemic was on our work terrain. The lock-down forced all engineers, BIG or small house design front side  architects , old or new, notorious or not, to upgrade their work and virtual presence to suit the technological advancements that crossed records, as social media came the new socializing, and an online presence became an introductory necessity. 

This has led our attention to virtual advancements and developing and instituting technologies similar to AI. Using Artificial intelligence for processes similar as construction, design, etc has come with the new docket. 

Education went online too. Scholars and engineers likewise have seen a hoard of courses and shops accessible online. With increased time on our hands, these courses are enhancing education and furnishing knowledge in colorful fields related to armature. 

3. Sustainable Architecture for house design front side elevation and interior

Although sustainability has been trending throughout the past decade, if not before that, it still remains one of the major enterprises and considerations in Architecture. 

It’s imperative that engineers understand the goods of their house design front side on the terrain.  Numerous major enterprises and influential engineers have turned green in the past, instituting and using technological advancements to their advantage. Reducing carbon emigration and designing  environment-aware armature has made its way into the detail, with guests and engineers both realizing the significance of being environmentally conscious. 

 From going perpendicular due to lack of open spaces with perpendicular gardening and green facades tore-using, recovering and up-cycling colorful accouterments in construction and elevation design of house , sustainable armature has come a long way. 

Hundreds of engineering companies have linked up to public commitments which cover issues similar as life- cycle going and carbon modelling, while there has also been a steady rise in the number of green rated systems. The transnational standard looks at the environmental, social and profitable sustainability of structure systems and structures, assessing them on how they enhance the good of the people who live and work in them, and help cover natural coffers 

.With Net Zero trending among engineers lately, considerations about overall life- cycle, going, carbon modelling, accoutrements and vacuity, immediate goods, unresistant strategies, waste and water operation, construction waste , environmental, social and profitable sustainability as well as assessing designs grounded on improvement of good and health of druggies has made its way to the top of the list when it comes to precedence while designing a house design from outside

house design from outside

4. Social immoralities and gender equivalency

Architecture has been used as a tool throughout history because of the influence it has on people. Engineers tend to pertain to the customer and immediate surroundings alone when designing spaces , rather than considering the bigger picture. This time has made us reevaluate the design of interactive spaces. 

The time began with India being gripped with collaborative abomination and screams throughout the country. We fail to realist that all these communities make our metropolises and with them, our nation. The vitality and oneness of our armature lies in the multiple artistic influences and how they merge under the marquee of Indian Architecture of house design front side ’. 

5. Robotization

With an adding demand and need for sustainability, not just in a finished structure but also in the process of designing a elevation design of house, erecting and maintaining it, and a rapid-fire growth in technology and digitalization, 2020 has seen an emphasis on robotization. 

 From using BIM, a 3D model- grounded process while designing and executing a design to using robotization technology for construction, robotization and digitizing processes prove to be practical, sustainable and effective. They also allow further room for designs and ideas that were insolvable to make many times agone. This is empowering bolder house design 800 square feet fancies.


Robotic robotization brings advanced product effectiveness, a safer working terrain, lower costs and superior quality. After times of development and deployment, the process now requires minimum mortal involvement leaving minimum room for crimes and accidents. 

 Robotization also applies to innards, as seen in the trending surge of erecting smart homes. Automated systems which control lighting, temperature and security are in the van when designing homes. A smart structure provides its tenants with two crucial features: lesser comfort and lower energy use. Also, this also allows druggies to save plutocrats on energy bills. 

In association with Tecnalia and IAAC Barcelona, Ar Chenthur introduces Digital fabrication in his TEDx talk. Digital Fabrication helps in creating a dialogue between material intelligence and digital fabrication. 3D printing using slush/ earth for unresistant armature can help in creating climate responsive and contextual house design from outside , as explained in the design Digital Adobe.

Romantic Afterthought

The growing technology sector along with a more philanthropic and sustainable approach to designing, together, forms a successful combination. This once time has changed the way we suppose. It has changed the dynamics of stoner acquainted design. 

Metropolises similar as Paris, Milan and Melbourne are piloting the 15-to 20- nanosecond‘ hyperactive original’ mega-city model to ensure all amenities are within a 15- nanosecond walking or biking compass.

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